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My Approach To Corporate Communication

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My Approach To Corporate Communication

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My partner and I are in the accounting/financial planning business.  We are very good at crunching numbers and helping people build their portfolios.  We are surrounded by piles of papers and talk to a computer screen all day! Over the last few years we have found we are losing clients or people are not returning to have their taxes done. We reached out to Jennifer to see if she could come to the office and see if she found any kinks in the way we were running things. She came looked around the office, observed our order of operations,  listened to us interact with clients over the phone and with in 30 minutes she had some solutions! Jennifer genuinely wanted us to succeed, she tactfully pointed out that while we were great at what we do, our interactions with our clients was another story. My partner and I did agree a pencil has more personality than we do! Jennifer was able to see our verbal disconnect with our clients and we were coming across as rude and short with our clients when speaking to them over the phone and people didn’t want to come back! Jennifer suggested we hire someone to be the face and personality of the company, someone to direct questions to and all interpersonal relations. We decided to keep our brilliance behind the scenes! Our lack of communication skills is no longer costing us! We hired a new accounting graduate who wanted to learn our business and is eager to dive in. She is wonderful with our clients and have had many of our “lost” clients come back for services. Thank you Jennifer, for being a fresh pair of eyes to see what we couldn’t, for understanding the break down of communication on our part and offering a solution that was an easy fix and has made a positive impact on our firm. We appreciate your honesty, while not talking down to us or making us feel dumb through out the process. Thank you! Thank you! You have been a life saver and business is booming!

John & Pat at the Tiller Firm.

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“No matter what job you have in life, your success will be determined 5% by your academic credentials, 15% by your professional experiences, and 80% by your communication skills.”


Communication Coaching

One-on-one communication coaching can help clients facilitate intentional and impactful forms of communication.

Families and Partnerships

Mediators (or Communication Coaches) can help families and partnerships resolve disputes and heal long-standing obstacles to connecting. Start in a positive direction of growth today!

Group Communication
and Seminars

When you plan to ensure better teamwork in an organization, you need to channelize group communication adeptly.

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